Who We Are CD


-Debut project on Horizon/Crossroads Label
-November 22 Release Date
-Recorded with a full band at Crossroads Studios in Ashville, NC
-Produced by gospel music veteran, Roger Talley
-Vocal arrangements: Emily Heath & Roger Talley
-Orchestrations: Nicholas Heath

Available on iTunes: Download from iTunes



With powerful voices and a calling to spread God's Word, the 3 Heath Brothers have taken their talents into new territory with creative arrangements, inspiring song choices, and world-class music production for their new Horizon Records release.

The album is now available for order.

This album includes through provoking lyrics from several well-loved gospel song writers and soaring orchestrations arranged by Nicholas Heath. The project includes a beautiful accapella rendition of It Is Well, a powerful statement of God's faithfulness on Smell of Smoke, a declaration of forgiveness in Christ on This is Who I Am, along with eight other encouraging and powerful songs.

These songs were not picked because they are fun - even though some of them are. They were chosen for the truth of the words. These songs represent what the Heath family believes and what  they want others to carry with them.

To download this album on iTunes: Click Here

Song List:
1 Dream Small
2 This Is Who I Am
3 It Is Well
4 Smell Of Smoke
5 Give It To Jesus
6 No Matter What
7 Self Less
8 I Believe You
9 Mother's Day Song
10 Shake In His Shoes
11 We Choose Life

3 Heath Brothers

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